Tuesday 13 June 2023

Starship Rogue + Alien Alliance new releases




Teen stowaway. Ship battles. Treachery

Carnival musician Kip Rees gets mixed up in a caper over his head...A mysterious figure has offered him riches to deliver a package to a faraway world.

Yet powerful people would as soon see Kip and his new friends dead than fulfill his mission. Can he stay alive long enough to unlock the mystery of why he was chosen?

From the grimy holds of space freighters to the majestic Temple of the Moon, Kip goes from young dreamer to hardened defender.

An epic ride through far future worlds...

Other books in the Starship Rogue series:

Thetis 3

Starship Rogue Box Set:


FRONTIER (Book 1 in Alien Alliance series)


Two mercenaries square off against corruption and deadly aliens in the frontier worlds of the far future.

Yul Vrean visits his home world only to get embroiled in a corporate conspiracy. Regers gets caught in the crossfires of a gang war over deadly alien contraband.

Two unlikely allies on a much greater mission to salvage an ancient derelict with a mysterious past…

Other books in the Alien Alliance series:

The Dim Zone
XARES: Final Countdown
The Timelost

Alien Alliance Box Set:




Tuesday 15 September 2020

Bindu + new releases + giveaways

BINDU, new release, urban SF (99c).

I'm also happy to announce all my books are wide on all booksellers (IBooks, Kobo, Kindle, B&N, & Smashwords) innersky.ca/books/home

I will be shifting out of fiction and focusing on an alt news blog GLOBAL HAWK. Given the massive disinformation and censorship in mainstream media & youtube, FB and social media, we need to fight for our freedoms & civil liberties and support our independent journalists and truthdiggers. Visit innersky.ca/globalhawk

Bindu (new release)

Street-smart Jess 'Lonewolf' gains a sudden healing power. Never did she imagine the responsibility of such a gift. Now she must face down a most sinister medical underground crime ring...

Cynetic Wolf

It's 2096, sixty years after ninety percent died from a man-made Bioplague. Humanity has splintered into four unequal subspecies: immortals, cyborgs, enhancers, and subservient half-human, half-animal hybrids.

The world is anything but equal. Hybrids everywhere are suffering, but sixteen-year-old Raek Mekorian, a wolfish with a nose for trouble, doesn’t see an alternative. Except the Resistance, who don’t stand a chance against the world government. His mom always said, “Keep your head down...”

The Children of Telm: The Complete Trilogy

The complete Epic Fantasy trilogy set in the world of Iraldas, where gods and mortals mingle, collected together for a huge, immersive fantasy adventure.

With the Beast, Agon, threatening to break free from his chains in the Underworld, the surviving bloodline of the dead god Telm are tasked with stopping his reign of destruction...

Tane only wanted space to breathe.

Tane joins the Navjaro colony to get out of the overcrowded Sol system. This is a chance to put his past behind him and have a new start. Unfortunately, one painful part of his past is on the colony ship, too.

Now Tane’s future is as damaged as the ship they’re on...

Before Inferno (free)

An AI. A troubled scientist. A secret agent. What really happened on Mars?

Only one man knows the truth, and Cassandra Vazquez is determined to discover it. Humanity's progress toward the stars hangs in the balance. The first Mars mission failed; all others might be grounded if the public learns about the terror which afflicted the first humans to step foot on the Red Planet.

Yet the truth may be more terrible than any can imagine, including the identity of the crime's perpetrators...

Tabula Rasa (free)

The Year 2048 - Rookie archaeological agent Jonathan Jarl is on his first mission to retrieve a stolen, priceless artifact but a megalomaniac corporate leader does everything in his power to stop him. At the same time, something alien is found in space and it is heading for Earth...

Bermuda trilogy (new release)

They told us the Devil's Triangle was a myth.
They lied.

For ages, the Triangle has contained an ancient threat to the existence of mankind. Our ancestors resolved to keep it a secret, and maybe they were right. Some secrets had better stay buried. 
The Boxed Set is available for $2.99 vs $6.99 during the pre-order period, which ends on Sep 18th. 

Quirks in the Misty Murks (free)

Odd creatures lurk deep in the mist

Jace used to love fishing in the morning. That was until a deer stood up on its back legs and began walking into the mist. Curiosity pushed Jace to investigate the creature, but what will help push him back to life he used to know?...

 The No-Zone (free)

A Trio of Post-Apocalyptic Short Stories

 A mercenary unit with shaky unity prepares to make their last stand in a hostile mission area.

An ambitious politician takes desperate measures to assume power.

And a young derby driver navigates the chaotic, competitive society he lives in...

The Fates of Evil Men (free)

Bio warfare and an incurable virus...

It’s nearly 40 years in the future. Planet Earth has been decimated by both climate change and horrific biological weapons. The U.S. has divided into four countries giving many states independence from Washington D.C. Captain Mary Carpenter has to investigate the hideous murder of an Islamic informer to her Dallas, Texas police department. There are two roads she must explore. Was it Islamic followers of the Holy Allah Movement taking out a traitor to their cause? Or was it the Tex-Zis, the Texas-Nazis wanting to purify their state of all non-whites? Either way, the danger of an incurable skin-splitting virus threatens Dallas. Can Mary Carpenter stop the cold-blooded mass killers?...

The Bonded Pair (free)

An unexpected friendship is forged when Hunter and Prey come together to survive...but how long can it last?...

The Hunter wants to eat. The Prey wants not to be eaten. When they’re thrown into a cage together, they could tear each other apart—or they could work together to escape their captors. The decision may ride on the Hunter’s appetite...

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Sunday 10 May 2020

May fiction—Haloband and other SFF

I hope you and your family are safe. Enjoy the new releases and free reads...

Haloband (new release)


Holograms. Implants. Lies.

I'm Ellan Weis, a teen kickboxer. I live in a world where everyone has a com chip in their wrist...where the only truth of the past lies in darkweb. The schools are rough, bullies walk the halls, gangs work the streets. My mother’s a key player in rolling out the new haloband, a smart-VR headgear technology at Starcom. My brother’s a hacker working at the same company.

A conspiracy walks among us. My family is in danger. Even with my street smarts and new powers, can I save the people who mean most to me?

Ben Archer and the Cosmic Fall



“The thing is, it wasn’t meteors that fell into the woods that night. It was alien spacecraft.”

When UFOs crash near a peaceful town, the media are led to believe it was fallen meteors. Government agents rush in to cover up the event dubbed The Cosmic Fall. But they weren't counting on Ben Archer being a witness. Nor were they expecting a lone survivor of the crash: an alien man called Mesmo...

Write Like Hell (new release)


From the far-flung corners of space, to the darkest recesses of the human mind, Write Like Hell: Dark Fantasy & Sci-Fi Vol. 2 features a carefully selected collection of short science fiction stories from both new and established authors. Tales of madness, and of discovery, of war and of isolation, the stories found within these pages explore the very nature of mankind, and the technology that drives us ever onward, toward the stars...

The Green Boy (new release)


What limits would you cross to know who you really are?

One boy, who might be the last of his kind, has to travel far into a dangerous land in search of the answer to one question, who he really is?

Ethan risks it all in search of a family, a home, and he might have to pay a steep price, just for seeking such simple things...

Under a Hunter's moon (free)

Richard Parsons is a maverick wolf-shifter who grew up among the teen gangs of Seattle. His tendency to find trouble has often attracted police attention. When a traveling exhibition returns to the McCaw Museum Richard finds that he has personal reasons to visit after hours. His audacious plan goes awry when a particular display forces painful memories to the surface. Can Richard face down the demons of his past before the police become aware of his presence?

The Black Hussars (free)


Yaro Anatoly commands the most feared regiment on the continent. His loyalty to the king has seen him wage war in the savage wilderness of Vorgar, the lawless free cities, and in Akasha, the domain of the southern princes.

But when the death of a saint triggers a revolution at home, Yaro finds his own loyalties divided. Can he really serve a king who hates his own people? And who are these new gods?

The Jethro Parables (free)


All is sand and dust

Civilization teeters on the brink of collapse as the last vestiges of humanity toil beneath an unforgiving sun. Jethro finds himself the unwilling hero of a tale that brings godless men, lawless bandits, and the savage people that inhabit the fringe into conflict. With his own past haunting his every step, can he find redemption? It hasn't rained in years. It may never rain again. For fans of Ray Bradbury, There Will be Blood, and Oil!...

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Tuesday 21 April 2020

New Darkweb series

I hope you and your family are safe.

Enjoy the new releases and free reads...

Darkweb (free)


Holograms. Implants. Lies.

I'm Ellan Weis, a teen kickboxer.  I live in a world where everyone has a com chip in their wrist...where the only truth of the past lies in darkweb. I got zapped, now I can sense disaster before it happens.

A conspiracy walks among us. My family is in danger. Even with my street smarts and new powers, can I save the people who mean most to me?

Haloband Book 1 coming May 10th!

Click to Preorder (99c/KU)
Sign up for your free ARC copy here

The Trusted


He's a husband, a killer, and the only man who can save the world…

Sam Noor keeps his double lives separate with expert precision. But when the MI6 agent's wife discovers the lie, he fears that both his worlds may shatter. Distraught and conflicted, Noor concentrates on his latest mission and discovers a weapon that could cause a global catastrophe

Worldwalker : The Great Iron War
Every victory is its own defeat. General Rommond's efforts to amass technological superiority over the enemy has resulted in the creation of a weapon that could destroy everything, and a faction just mad enough to use it...

Disciples of Trikaal (free)


Aru must choose... ...use his powers to protect his family... ...or give up his life to save millions of strangers.

Will Aru escape and save his family or stay and save the world? 

Death Donor (free)

Would you sell your life to save another?

Special forces vet, Samantha Jones, is a lowly bodyguard for Ethan Anderson, the biotech billionaire who revolutionized life extension. But at least she’s got a job, unlike most, and won’t have to sell her organs to support her family. Sure, they’re poor, but she’s got death insurance and a roof over her head. Life is livable...

Tabula Rasa (free)


The Year 2048 - Rookie archaeological agent Jonathan Jarl is on his first mission to retrieve a stolen, priceless artifact but a megalomaniac corporate leader does everything in his power to stop him. At the same time, something alien is found in space and it is heading for Earth...

Backlash (free)


What happens, after the end of civilization?

After World War Last, everything changed. A tiny refuge, tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, The Vista, has survived on its own. Team Three - Wade, MacKenzie, and Allen - young, ambitious, and ready to do whatever it takes to protect their home...

Anki Legacies


What if human civilization was not initiated by the ingenuity of our hunter gatherer ancestors in prehistory? What if a race of magical beings descended to Earth from the stars? Would the science and technology of modern man be enough to remain the dominant species if such a race reemerged?

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Friday 25 October 2019

Starship Rogue, Alien Alliance and more SFF...

Late fall newsletter... Enjoy the SFF picks and giveaways!

Starship Rogue Box Set (new release)


In the underground world of crime, Jet Rusco crosses paths with gangsters, opportunists and murderous despots. A man who lives on the edge, turned to hustling to survive.

A heist gone bad centering on alien tech leads Rusco on a dodgy adventure, forces him to find allies. Who can he trust? Rough-boy Marty, headstrong Deidra, the tech-savvy TK, the kickbutt Wren?

Wracked with self doubts, Rusco finds his choices bringing him face to face with a mystical despot who if left unchecked, could subjugate all the human-populated free colonies. The question is, can Rusco outwit his enemies, mastermind his challenges, and make a difference in a world gone dark?

A gritty thriller full of heists, space battles, macabre twists and peril…The complete series.

99c/KU For a limited time only... 

Alien Alliance Box Set (new release)


An alien conspiracy to enslave the human-populated planets on the frontier. Two merc rivals out for each other’s blood. A military pilot locked in strange symbiosis with an alien Zikri…

Five books in one...

A simple mission to The Dim Zone to collect alien plant samples. So why would CEO Mathias of Cyber Corp of distant Phallanor finance such a mission? Mercenary Yul Vrean and badass space rogue Regers find out…the hard way.

This box set technothriller is full of deadly space battles, bio-mechanical fusion, killer aliens, a touch of the bizarre and fantastic…a rare feast to intrigue fans of Alien, Predator and The Matrix.

99c/KU For a limited time only... 

Dawn Saga Box Set

Desperate to restore their once majestic place amongst the stars, humanity seizes every planet within reach. 

Under the control of an aging galactic empire, xenocide is routine. For most, the Akked Galaxy is a grim, hopeless place.

Dispatched to subdue a separatist uprising, a government operative unearths an ancient relic. It somehow knows everything about him, even his darkest secrets. The strange device promises extraordinary power, but can he trust it?

Fight the Good Fight


Corporal David Cohen thought he’d left war behind.
He was wrong.

The Terran Coalition faces repeated and brutal attacks from the repressive League of Sol. To defend his home planet, David trades his dream of becoming a rabbi for a battlefront in the far reaches of space. When particle beams fly, his courage under fire brings quick promotion. But in the lulls between battles when he must confront his soul, David finds a different enemy: the ghosts of those killed under his command.

Yet in war, it’s kill or be killed—and the enemy shows no mercy...

Crown of the Sundered Empire (new release)


Only the demon in Tomas’ glass eye can save his village.
It might cost him his soul.

In a broken land where conquerors dream of empires, Tomas dreams of a day when the townsfolk won’t taunt him. After all, he’s the fishing village kid with a misshapen face.

Only the Rune vendor’s daughter treats him well. To win her heart, he relies on a quick wit and local superstitions to convince her he has Diviner’s Sight.

But if he did, he would’ve foreseen magic-fearing invaders plucking out his mismatched eye... 

Through Stranger Eyes (new release)


Flesh comes cheap in a machine world

Doctor Rick Stenslandt has always advocated against the fusion of man and machine. But after a near-fatal accident, he is forced to accept ocular implants or go blind, end up unemployed, and without social status.

But something goes wrong. Now he remembers people he has never met before—influential members of the corporate elite that governs the world. And they have all been murdered.

Worse, it seems he’s the next target...

The Fall of Endurance (new release)


A starship’s sirens scream into the void. Can a highly trained protector fight for peace on an unfamiliar world?

It’s elite soldier Laure’s duty to protect the last of humanity. Four hundred years after Earth fell to alien invaders, she’s only known life on a colonization ship searching through space. But when the vessel is forced to crash land for emergency repairs, Laure comes face to face with a new breed of enemy.

Struggling both to battle aliens and rescue her colonists, Laure never expects to find her other half on the strange planet. As her telepathic and physical bond with the alien grows, she’s horrified to discover the people she’s sworn to protect turn on her and consider her inhuman.

Torn between two species, can Laure defend humankind from extinction?

FANTASTIC REALMS is shutting down. Hope you've enjoyed all the SFF picks from month to month. Happy reading! For free books, visit my youtube page ...

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