Wednesday, 19 September 2018

September SFF

Some exciting beginning-of-fall SFF releases + book giveaways!

The Bones of St. Isis, free fantasy adventure:

A burglary gone bad forces a young thief on an impromptu adventure to faraway Parnoss, the city of the Magi. Under the sway of a new master he embarks on a new pathof magic. But is it enough to take on the mysterious and formidable Magistrar?

Read FREE with a movie style soundtrack on booktrack here.
Read the book on kindle (99c) here.

Dragon Mage Uprising

Book 2 of the Dragon Sea Chronicles is up and coming. ARC copies available in early October. Sign up for your free copy!
The Cosmic Bullet

Over three hundred years ago, unbeknownst to the human race, a plan was set in motion for the arrival of visitors.

That day has come.

The Enigma Series is a first class space opera series-alien invasion series.

The Fool

An epic tale of fire and blood...

The Fool is the first episode of the coming-of-age epic fantasy serial, The Ravenglass Chronicles. Inspired by the tarot and set in a rich medieval world, an epic journey of magic, adventure, and forbidden love...

The Path of Destiny

A Prophecy. A Powerful Sword. A Reluctant Wizard.

In this 2nd edition, Darius San Williams, son of one of King Edward's councilors, cares little for his father's politics and vows to leave the city of Anikari to protect and bring glory to the Realm.

If you love magic, sword & Sorcery, arthurian style books, and wizards read this first book in The Cremelino Prophecy to find out what destiny awaits Darius...

The Legend of Iski Flare

In all corners of the world men whisper about the legends of Iski Flare, filling their mundane lives with tales of his bravery. Village children pretend to have his adventurous nature and skills with the axe, while women dream of his kindness and strength.

This box set contains the first five episodes of Iski Flare's adventures...

Bollywood Invasion

A fantasy novel of a modern-day American boy's journey back in time as the reincarnation of John Lennon.

Sixteen-year-old John Palmieri is living an average life in Brooklyn until one day he wakes up as a prince in India, thirty-five years before he was born. Suddenly, he finds himself with riches and power beyond his wildest fantasies...

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Wolf's-head, Aug SFF

Sword and sorcery adventures of Baus the Bold, and many other fantasy and SF books this NL.

A young outlaw and a sea captain flee from the law, but fall afoul of a disreputable ogre. The two seek leave from their host, a task somewhat easier said than done... A romp through the realms of the absurd to the terrifying...

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The Pendomus Chronicles Complete Trilogy

A planet out of balance. The rise of an unlikely savior. Secrets that could derail it all...

There are a lot of things I wish I’d known earlier—but three top my “wow, she was na├»ve” list.
First—there are others on Pendomus.
Second—a prophecy is in motion & I hold the key to the survival of literally everything.
Third—I'm being hunted by a madman who is desperately trying to wipe me from existence.
So yeah, no pressure...

Death cloud : Senturians of Terraunum

Defeat ten extraordinary fighters or be annihilated.  

Jayton Baird survived the journey to the Tournament. But now he actually has to fight in the ten round death match. And if he doesn’t win, the enemy obtains a weapon making him nigh unstoppable. The fighters grow stronger with each round, leading up to the unbeatable champion that waits in the finals. 
Jayton Baird returns in R.J. Batla’s Fantasy series, with epic battles and amazing powers. For both first-time readers and current fans
Browse kickstarter here

Road to Eugenica

Yesterday, Drea Smith couldn’t do anything spectacular—even walking and texting at the same time was a challenge. But today, she suddenly has more answers than Google, and she can fight. Like a boss. Super Freaky. She’ll have to push her new skills to their limit as she uncovers nothing is quite what it seems. As she uncovers…Eugenica.

The Reality Thief 

Rule the Chaos, rule the Universe

The already controversial Dr. Darian Leigh has outdone himself this time with a magnanimous gift to humanity: a device that can create whole new universes and alter the laws of physics. The theory alone sets the worlds of science, religion, and politics ablaze. Now, if only he could get it working. Little does he know, it already does. Lines between good and evil get blurry when a misguided lab associate and the scheming leader of an influential church join forces to harness the power for the glory of God. What—or who—are they willing to sacrifice to possess the machine? Mired in secrets, betrayal, good intentions, and murder, the struggle to control it will rage for eons.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Mage Reborn, Aug SFF

I'm happy to announce our new release today! Mage Reborn.
Thanks to all of you who read and reviewed the book.

Sea Serpents. Steam-Powered Harpoons. Dragon Riders. Wizard Battles. 

Across the Dragonclaw Islands a foul wind blows. The old mage Agrippa is losing control of the sea dragons that serve and protect the islanders from the sea serpents. Agrippa’s apprentice Cyrus hides a dark ambition to raise the serpents and tear the Dragon Sea Isles apart, plunging the clans into war.

When all hope seems lost, a young slave named Darek exhibits a rare power: to control the dragons. He dreams of being reunited with his sister Meira; instead, his fate is to be sacrificed to Kraton, the sacred volcano as a test—to become the Mage reborn...

Read on kindle here.
Read prequel on booktrack free here.

Dragonia : Rise of the Wyverns

The Resistance struggles to find a way to defeat the Dragonia Empire; all hope seems lost against the dragon riders, until they discover an island full of wyverns.

Devarius has lost everything. His parents murdered, his sister kidnapped, and the new village he called home: destroyed. The Dragonia Empire has gotten out of control, destroying anything and everything in its path searching for the Resistance.

Devarius is left with little choice but to find the Resistance, join them, and hope he can help them defeat the Dragonia Empire once and for all to bring peace to the land of Kaeldroga...

Purgatory of the Werewolf

What's worse than realizing you're a werewolf? Being chased by a monster hunter with a demon eye.

Dorian survived being eaten alive, but time is running out to save himself and his loved ones before the full moon. He flees England and enlists with the Royal Navy hoping to escape the monster. But will his ship carry him to a new life before the full moon or plunge him into the horror of war?

This is the second book in The Wolf of Dorian Gray series.
Audiobook free with Audible trial...

Dragon's Fire (Beating Back the Darkness)

A rising tide of violence is spreading across the land, and it threatens to cast all of Aurion into war and chaos. Slayvin, a terror straight out of nightmare, is at the heart of the corruption. Using dark, and sorcerous power, the shadow drake bends and twists the will of those who would seek his power for their own.

As the dragon wages his war, the survivors are left with a choice; forge unlikely alliances among the disparate races, or become enslaved. In either case, the future is grim. It is a future of war. Axes are sharpened, bows are strung, and cryptic prophecies are examined for the one thing that is all but lost—hope...

The Death Run 

Four contestants: Emma, Glen, Myles, and Zackary.

Skills: Using a cross bow, killing, close combat, and evasion.

The day has finally come that a drawing is made for the next contestants to compete in the death run. Each have trained exceedingly hard for this competition, but only one will leave with their life.

This race is meant for the strong, and only the strong will survive. Either way, at the end of the race, all contestants will be free whether it is in death or through the Forge Facility’s open doors... 

Flame: Tales of QaiMaj Volume II

Enter a world of glowing lava, steamy baths, and an ever-shifting monarchy . . .

A queen visits the notorious tanner of Chraun, and gets more than she bargained for. A former slave tells the tale of his escape to a better life. A barren wife plots to help her husband ascend to the throne of Chraun. A girl crosses the threshold to womanhood and finds a chance for a better life when she meets the man of her destiny. A General investigates the murder of the King, and nearly uncovers a truth that could change Chraun forever. The founder of Chraun tries to save his vision for a perfect society by issuing a single command with his dying breath...

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Thursday, 2 August 2018

ViZions of the Future, Aug SFF

New SFF bonus reads to start off Aug right! + many book giveaways!

ViZions of the Future, a new SF Anthology. 11 Ultra-Exciting Sci-fi Tales...

I am pleased to be one of the contributing authors in this collection. Look for 'The Brain Machine'!
Read it and review on netgalley for free.
Read the book on kindle here. 

Mage Reborn

New co-authored epic fantasy, coming Aug 15!

Sea Serpents. Steam-Powered Harpoons. Dragon Riders. Pirate and Wizard Battles.

Across the Dragonclaw Islands a foul wind blows. The old mage Agrippa is losing control of the sea dragons that serve and protect the islanders from the sea serpents that roam the deeps. Agrippa’s apprentice Cyrus hides a dark ambition and even blacker magic to raise the serpents and tear the Dragon Sea Isles apart, plunging the clans into war...

Read it on booksprout, Free Arc Signup here.
Preorder for Aug 15th Release on kindle here.

Henrietta the Dragon Slayer

She's a legend at 17, but only Henrietta knows the price she paid for her fame ... and it was much too high.

From the Winner of the California Fiction Writer's Book Contest comes this thrilling adventure of a young warrior on one final quest ... against an opponent she swore never to face again...

Wings of the Wicked

Wickedly Dangerous and Sinfully Seductive.

Indulge in 25 breathtaking adventures of dangerous worlds where the lines blur between saints and sinners. Come meet the creatures that fuel your every lust filled nightmare, where angels are not always encased in a light of righteousness and demons are not always dealing in all manner of debauchery. Where you might just end up rooting for the bad guy…

Aerisian Refrain

Following the prophesied Artan’s victory over the Dark Powers, the land of Aerisia is finally at rest, until ancient beings, long imprisoned, begin to stir…

Eight years after Annie Richards’ stellar voice and musical talents skyrocketed her from rural Oklahoma to international fame, haunting visions have begun threatening her sanity. While she’s returning to her childhood home to convalesce, creatures straight from her nightmares bring down her plane. Annie wakens in a parallel world, Aerisia. Here, she discovers her musical gifts translate into magical powers—the legacy of a banished race who have been invading her dreams...

Out of Shadow

Magic in the air. Demons on the hunt. To save the kingdom, one girl must uncover her hidden abilities.

In a world bursting with magic, Jak’s ill-chosen powers seem worthless. When she needed them most, her enchantments were nothing compared to the horde of demons that raided her village and murdered her father. Determined to fulfill his dying wish and prove her worth, she sets off on a desperate quest to find her long-lost mother...

Whisper Gatherers

Adara has a secret. A paranormal power she cannot unleash. If she did, her life would be over.
In a land disfigured by famine and disease, the dwindling population of NotSoGreatBritAlbion are desperate to find a warrior to free them from subjugation. With the threat of extinction fast approaching, the Agro Empire cuts food supplies, and children disappear....

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Dragonclaw Dare, July SFF

Some exciting new end-of-July SFF releases + book giveaways!

First up, Dragonclaw Dare, fantasy adventure from the Dragon Sea Chronicles:

Sea Dragons. Pirates. Sea Serpents. Wizards.

The Black Claw and Red Claw Island clans are on the brink of war. A young islander named Darek risks everything to prove his worth as a sailor. Adventure awaits...and the ride of his life...

Read the intro adventure FREE with a movie style soundtrack on booktrack here.
Read the book on kindle here, on other booksellers here.
Next book in the series, Mage Reborn, is coming mid August!

Beneath the Silver Rose

"One day, none will stand against you."

When these words were first spoken to Shadyia, she did not believe them. How could a common courtesan be the progeny of a goddess?

The Final Enemy

In the face of a death-defying power, what's the "new normal"?

Like all reporters, Jack longs for a breaking story but is stuck writing obituaries for a small-town rag. As his frustration mounts, it hits him that no one has died in over three days. Jack's odd observation becomes something far stranger when he connects a meteorite to the bizarre phenomenon.In the Matthew Mather and A.G. Riddle tradition, The Final Enemy is a gripping blend of thriller and science fiction that will prove hard to put down.

Before the Shroud

In a world of magic, beasts, and warriors, Aldester is just young pick-pocket trying survive.

A theft attempt goes awry, drawing the eye and scrutiny of the Council. These top minds of the Academy, the most powerful magic users in the realm, announce he scion to the dark god Darlicci, a tainted bloodline long thought hunted to extinction.

The Unrivaled's Witch (FREE)

Life was as ordinary as it got for a 28-year-old single witch. Arthur one of the most powerful wizards in history has his eyes set on her.

Arthur Hamilton, the last wizard in history to become an Unrivaled vowed to serve the Order of the Unrivaled. Reborn centuries after a grave betrayal, Arthur has tracked down the soulmate he once lost. He must make a choice, between the oath he swore to uphold for all time, and the greatest love he's ever known. But with a dark wizard hunting him once again, Arthur must decide fast...

Secret Burdens

Jarrett failed everyone close to him.

In disgrace, he resigned his position as Captain of the Royal Guard and entered self-imposed exile in Lorst’s Eastern Forests. As a common soldier, he fought the remainder of the sorcerer Marduk’s monsters.

The electrifying third novel of The Stories of Lorst Series takes the reader from the immaculate halls of the Palace to the dingy streets of the Low Quarters on an epic tale of secrets, betrayals, and lost love.

Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern

Fire magic destroyed the ice kingdom. But it didn’t kill her. Now only she can save what remains of her people . . .If you like the vivid cast of Assassin’s Apprentice, the detailed worldbuilding of The Way of Kings, and the gritty realism of Game of Thrones, you’ll love the Dreams of QaiMaj epic fantasy series!

Buy Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern and enter a world of legend and prophecy, love and war, loyal friendships and cold betrayals, where a mad king wreaks havoc, and salvation might just be worse than destruction.

Destiny of Kings

A boy’s destiny hangs in the balance…

The King is going slowly mad, bewitched by the dark magic and seductive powers of the Egyptian Princess. As war breaks out, his trusted General seeks to raise an army and will find a young shepherd boy, bound for greatness.

A controversial twist on the Old Testament story of King David. Where dark magic, prophecy and religious turmoil reign.

Kyle's Nightmare

Simple office worker by day, warrior by night.

Kyle used to live a normal life until an ancient spirit put a curse on him. Now he has to finish a series of strange missions in another world so he can wake up in the morning and live in the normal world. He wants to break the spell, but what will he choose after falling for the spirit’s daughter?

Kingdom in Turmoil

Who will survive this saga of kings, mages, generals, treason, and war?
A fast-paced fantasy told in five points of view for adults and teens who enjoyed Game of Thrones…


A sunken curse. A hidden faerie realm. To save her kingdom, one girl must discover the magic within her heart.

Behind castle walls, Jessi Kleinfield dreams of adventure outside her quiet kingdom. But the once-peaceful realm falls into chaos when an evil sorceress stirs up ancient rivalries and banishes her palace home to an underwater prison. After narrowly escaping the rising tide, Jessi and her trusty dog can only watch helplessly as the waves swallow her family...

Mage Reborn

Book 1 of the Dragon Sea Chronicles is written and in the final editing and critiquing phases. Arc copies will be available in the next few weeks. Sign up for your free copy!
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