Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Dragonclaw Dare, July SFF

Some exciting new end-of-July SFF releases + book giveaways!

First up, Dragonclaw Dare, fantasy adventure from the Dragon Sea Chronicles:

Sea Dragons. Pirates. Sea Serpents. Wizards.

The Black Claw and Red Claw Island clans are on the brink of war. A young islander named Darek risks everything to prove his worth as a sailor. Adventure awaits...and the ride of his life...

Read the intro adventure FREE with a movie style soundtrack on booktrack here.
Read the book on kindle here, on other booksellers here.
Next book in the series, Mage Reborn, is coming mid August!

Beneath the Silver Rose

"One day, none will stand against you."

When these words were first spoken to Shadyia, she did not believe them. How could a common courtesan be the progeny of a goddess?

The Final Enemy

In the face of a death-defying power, what's the "new normal"?

Like all reporters, Jack longs for a breaking story but is stuck writing obituaries for a small-town rag. As his frustration mounts, it hits him that no one has died in over three days. Jack's odd observation becomes something far stranger when he connects a meteorite to the bizarre phenomenon.In the Matthew Mather and A.G. Riddle tradition, The Final Enemy is a gripping blend of thriller and science fiction that will prove hard to put down.

Before the Shroud

In a world of magic, beasts, and warriors, Aldester is just young pick-pocket trying survive.

A theft attempt goes awry, drawing the eye and scrutiny of the Council. These top minds of the Academy, the most powerful magic users in the realm, announce he scion to the dark god Darlicci, a tainted bloodline long thought hunted to extinction.

The Unrivaled's Witch (FREE)

Life was as ordinary as it got for a 28-year-old single witch. Arthur one of the most powerful wizards in history has his eyes set on her.

Arthur Hamilton, the last wizard in history to become an Unrivaled vowed to serve the Order of the Unrivaled. Reborn centuries after a grave betrayal, Arthur has tracked down the soulmate he once lost. He must make a choice, between the oath he swore to uphold for all time, and the greatest love he's ever known. But with a dark wizard hunting him once again, Arthur must decide fast...

Secret Burdens

Jarrett failed everyone close to him.

In disgrace, he resigned his position as Captain of the Royal Guard and entered self-imposed exile in Lorst’s Eastern Forests. As a common soldier, he fought the remainder of the sorcerer Marduk’s monsters.

The electrifying third novel of The Stories of Lorst Series takes the reader from the immaculate halls of the Palace to the dingy streets of the Low Quarters on an epic tale of secrets, betrayals, and lost love.

Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern

Fire magic destroyed the ice kingdom. But it didn’t kill her. Now only she can save what remains of her people . . .If you like the vivid cast of Assassin’s Apprentice, the detailed worldbuilding of The Way of Kings, and the gritty realism of Game of Thrones, you’ll love the Dreams of QaiMaj epic fantasy series!

Buy Dream of a Vast Blue Cavern and enter a world of legend and prophecy, love and war, loyal friendships and cold betrayals, where a mad king wreaks havoc, and salvation might just be worse than destruction.

Destiny of Kings

A boy’s destiny hangs in the balance…

The King is going slowly mad, bewitched by the dark magic and seductive powers of the Egyptian Princess. As war breaks out, his trusted General seeks to raise an army and will find a young shepherd boy, bound for greatness.

A controversial twist on the Old Testament story of King David. Where dark magic, prophecy and religious turmoil reign.

Kyle's Nightmare

Simple office worker by day, warrior by night.

Kyle used to live a normal life until an ancient spirit put a curse on him. Now he has to finish a series of strange missions in another world so he can wake up in the morning and live in the normal world. He wants to break the spell, but what will he choose after falling for the spirit’s daughter?

Kingdom in Turmoil

Who will survive this saga of kings, mages, generals, treason, and war?
A fast-paced fantasy told in five points of view for adults and teens who enjoyed Game of Thrones…


A sunken curse. A hidden faerie realm. To save her kingdom, one girl must discover the magic within her heart.

Behind castle walls, Jessi Kleinfield dreams of adventure outside her quiet kingdom. But the once-peaceful realm falls into chaos when an evil sorceress stirs up ancient rivalries and banishes her palace home to an underwater prison. After narrowly escaping the rising tide, Jessi and her trusty dog can only watch helplessly as the waves swallow her family...

Mage Reborn

Book 1 of the Dragon Sea Chronicles is written and in the final editing and critiquing phases. Arc copies will be available in the next few weeks. Sign up for your free copy!
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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Warpmancer Shadow + July SFF

Happy to announce more exciting SFF this month + book giveaways!
First up is Nicholas Woode-Smith's alien action space adventure from The Warpmancer series:

Shadow: Warpmancer

In the 36th century, humanity has spread across the stars…

Zona Nox. Crime-ridden cesspool at the edge of the galaxy. A war-torn hellhole dominated by gangs, megacorporations and alien raiders. James Terrin, master thief, calls it home. James has made a name for himself among the criminals of his home planet but all he really wants is to ensure the survival of his family. Zona Nox is under attack. An alien empire threatens the planet’s survival, and not even the veteran fighters of the planet can hold them back...Warpmancer Trooper, book 2, is in kindle countdown...

Koruka's Prophecy  (FREE)

In the ancient tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh, a young plunderer, intent on the riches within, faces an unexpected presence....

Read it FREE with a movie style soundtrack on booktrack here.
Read it on kindle here.
Read the archaeological adventure on kindle here.


For thirty years, Elaina has sat in her tower, fingers caught in an eternal dance, cursed to weave the tapestry of life on her loom. Bound by an enchanted mirror whose magic shows her the distant lives of the people of Camelot, she must forever watch a land which remains ever beyond her reach. Elaina despairs that she will never experience more than just the shadows of life, until one day a face appears in the mirror that will change her life, and possibly her fate, forever....

Lake of Sins: Escape

A teenage outcast. A shadowy ceremony. Discovering society’s monstrous truth may not keep her from becoming the next victim…

In a world of human-animal hybrids, Trinity is at the bottom of the food chain. Humans rule with an iron first and half-breeds like her must keep their parentage a secret. Every year, breeders are chosen and the rejected teens are carted away to parts unknown…

Dark Mage

A universe where technology and magic co-exist.

God's weapons are scattered across the universe. Sets of armor left by an ancient civilization give unbelievable powers when combined. Raiden is awakened 2000 years in the future, only to have his fiancée abducted by Dark Mages. Desperate to save his fiancée, Raiden's only hope is a power suit... but is it enough in this new world, where he is the only human without any magic?

Elemental Origins

Born of Water: A mysterious shipwreck could unlock ancient powers... or send her to a watery grave.

Targa MacAuley feels more at home on dry land than in the realm of her mermaid ancestors. To keep her mom's identity under wraps, Targa signs on for a salvage in the Baltic Sea. Her plan to blend in with the crew is spoiled when she catches the eye of a handsome local. A freak accident attracts even more unwanted attention, putting their lives in danger. Can Targa find the courage to unleash the currents surging deep within?

Coven at Carlington

A kidnapped child. A witch on the warpath. A church guard in crisis.

In the year of our Lord 1815, Thomas Drake Saint-Clair, Earl of Braden, a Guard of the Green Cross, is tasked by his archbishop to rescue a missing boy and return him to his warlock father. The order lands Braden in the middle of an unholy war between witches and warlocks and shoves him headlong past a sacred line he'd sworn never to cross...

Stone and String

A spell to infuriate the goddess of the dead...

In the world of "The Wishing Blade," everyone is born with two strings of magic. One strand is life, and the other is death. Very few can manipulate them. Among the Cantingen Islanders, children are tested for this ability during their first rites of magic, a ceremony which determines what magic they have and their future as a mage. But when Edyli's little sister, Akymi, dies in an accident before those rites can occur, Edyli does the unthinkable. She uses magic to return Akymi to the living. As a result, she finds herself in a land of weblike strings… the afterlife...

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Nova Chronicles + July SFF

More exciting science fiction and fantasy this week + book giveaways!
First up is Sarah Bryant's space adventure from The Nova Chronicles:

Survivor (The Nova Chronicles) (FREE)

When everyone runs, who will stand?

For eons a dark force has lurked inside Archalon, waiting. In 2354 the Confederacy set it free. Now the alien uprising is imminent and there’s only one person left to stop it. Nova goes where others dare not. She shoots first, talks little, and carries a chip on her shoulder the size of Boullion 5. Her reckless courage is all that stands between the Ancients and the annihilation of the human race...

The Temple of Vitus  (FREE)

Follow Risgan the Relic Hunter's adventures. Shipwrecked off a dangerous coast in an unknown land, Risgan stumbles upon a mysterious cult in the ruin of ancient temple grounds. An odd but alluring acolyte takes him under her wing, but the legend of their long dead saint speaks of a pariah who has visited the underworld and made friends with forces better left alone...

Read it FREE with a movie style soundtrack on booktrack here.
Read it on kindle here (2.99).
Read Book 1 of the series free on kindle here.

In the Shadow of London (FREE)

There’s gone and then there’s London-gone…

Marta Banks and her Tube Riders may have fled, but they left behind a city on the brink of collapse. In the violent wasteland of London Greater Urban Area, former Tube Rider David Silverwood tries to reunite the old members of the gang to make one last stand against the government....

Wars of Irradan

The death of a companion makes the reunion of Ealrin and his friends bittersweet. But even that tragedy cannot forestall the truth: Irradan is at war.

The elves of the woods are forced from their ancient dwellings. The Empire of Enoth reaches far beyond its borders to control more and more of the magical land. In the midst of this stands one possible hope: a tree of legend...

 The Gorgon Bride

THE GODS ARE FUNNY. Except when you piss them off. Then they suck. They really, really suck.

Alexander Weiss discovers this tidbit when he inadvertently insults Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, and she casts him away on a forgotten isle filled with statues....

Crystal Casters: Awakening

When Cyndra Raine inherits her grandmother’s crystal, she inadvertently awakens a lethal elemental force she doesn’t understand. Panicked and desperate, she flees the safety of her village, determined to find answers only to run into a man named Rune with the same abilities and questions...

His Angelic Keeper

This summer, not all angels come in peace, and they're not alone. 

One demon, two dragons, five angels, and a pack of memory-stealing beasts stand between one young woman and her past. When a supernatural conspiracy threatens her still-living twin and his young son, it's time for desperate measures. Sovvan might be dead, but she won't let incorporeality or amnesia stop her. ..


Hexborn. Abomination. Unclean. Young Shiloh knows exactly what she is. She just refuses to let that stop her. Her illness might make her an outcast, but her broken body hides great magical power. And she intends to make the most of it....

Angels and Magic

These Aren't Your Typical Angels

Angels aren't defined by good works. Demons aren't defined by darkness. In the world of Angels & Magic, all bets are off. This is a world of fantasy and magic, a place where angels are struggling lost souls just like you or I. They're in need of help and guidance and it'll take the unlikely soul to set things right...

The Sorrow Stone

What if you could pay someone to take away your sorrow?

In the middle ages people believed a mother mourning her child could "sell her sorrow" by selling a nail from her child's coffin to a traveling peddler... Winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award for Historical Fiction.


Cursed in love, death was coming for her once again... Sexy, smart and career ambitious, South African Detective Scarlet Anne Martins gets the career opportunity of her life - working for the NYPD on The Special Crimes Unit. But never had she imagined how quickly those dreams could slip through her fingers when she meets her new partner Agent Blade, who appears to have a vendetta against the killer she's assigned to bring down.

Dragonclaw Dare

ARC copies for prequel to the Dragon Sea Chronicles are available. Sign up for your free ARC copy. Release date July 25th on most booksellers!

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Monday, 9 July 2018

The White Arrow by P. H. Solomon

It's my great pleasure to host P. H. Solomon's blog tour for his epic fantasy, The White Arrow, Book III in The Bow of the Hart Saga.

The Mystic Order of Withlings

The Bow of Hart Saga is set in the world of Denaria with its own history, people-groups, religions and history. Part of the back-drop for the first book of the series, The Bow of Destiny, is the history of the mystic order of Withlings. This religious order worships their deity, Eloch, by learning to spiritually abide in his presence. Their catch-phrase, "What is needed is given," best describes the outlook of Withlings; they can only serve as Eloch provides.

While this premise seems limiting, it isn't for Withlings who are capable of performing astounding miracles and speaking prophesies. Often, they will not speak of anything or act unless they determine from their mystic discipline that it is Eloch's will for them to do so. It is the basis of their lives that they best serve by learning total obedience. However, this does not make them infallible as they are just as apt as anyone to misunderstand the meaning of their actions and prophesies. Only the wisest of Withlings have learned to withhold their speculations regarding any action taken or events experienced.

At the time in which The Bow of Hart Saga is set, there are few Withlings left in Denaria so that few people have even met one in generations. Tales are remembered from past centuries of these once well-known servants of Eloch, but few know much of them anymore except for the longer-lived people-groups such as elves and dwarves who still revere Withlings.

One of the main characters from The Bow of Hart Saga is the Withling, Hastra. Part of Hastra's story is told in the short story, What Is Needed, which explains the events surrounding the demise of the Withlings. Interested readers are invited to read What Is Needed as well as the other prequel short story, Trading Knives.

The Bow of Destiny takes up the story of the Withlings amid much mystery and magic, focusing upon the young ranger of Auguron named Athson. This ranger is drawn into a quest involving a Withling prophecy about a mythic bow. Fantasy readers are welcome to join the hunt for the Bow of Hart by accompanying Athson on his adventure.

An Arrow Against the Wind continues the quest for Athson as he must determine the best course he should take in matters regarding his past and present, including the shared wisdom of Withlings. But Athson's distrust of Withlings and his familial past create a set of challenging choices which he determines to navigate on his own, almost heedless of consequences.

Once The White Arrow begins, Athson is faced with a new choice regarding Withlings, one which will seal his destiny. The march to the final confrontation leads Athson on a far different path than he anticipated and a far different answer to the questions of his past, his relationship with the Bow of Hart and the prophesied White Arrow.

Find The White Arrow at Amazon here.