Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Avenger + more SFF

A ton of fantasy and SF this newsletter. A guest post on famous soundtrack artists...plus an upcoming ARC release! Be sure to sign up. And check out all the new titles and giveaways...

Avenger : a swords and skulls fantasy


From the desert oasis of Dragonskull to the priest-haunted gullies of Gyzia, Vetravincus, wandering mercenary, battles gods, demons, sorcerers and tyrants in his quest to uphold justice in a lawless world....

Booktrack FREE read (Dragon Lords, book 1) with movie style soundtrack here.
Kindle (99c) here.

Icarus (coming Feb 27th) 


122 AD. A rebellious teen makes his mark in the streets of Roman Londinium. A time when building a border wall from coast to coast was but a fuzzy dream in the Emperor Hadrian’s head. Amidst gladiator battles and skirmishes with barbarians Icarus’s plight leads him along a path of more than full-blooded adventure...

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5 Soundtrack Artists of Science Fiction and their Inspirations


A new guest post on SF soundtrack artists (Many sound bites to listen to!) Thanks to Matt Herron for hosting this on his blog.

Features John Williams (Star Wars), Gustav Holst (The Planets), Krzysztof Penderecki (The Shining/The Exorcist), Elliot Goldenthal (Alien), Don Davis (The Matrix), Basil Poledouris (Conan the Barbarian), Richard Strauss (2001: A space Odyssey), Jerry Goldsmith (Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, Alien). Comments by Chris Turner.

The Cremelino Prophecy: Complete Series (new release)


Magic is neither good nor evil. It's power lies in the heart of a wizard.

Darius San Williams, son of one of King Edward's councilors, cares little for his father's politics and vows to leave the city of Anikari to protect and bring glory to the Realm. When a new-found and ancient magic emerges within him, he must decide where his heart lies...

Soul Stones Sale (first book free)


Kingdoms rise and fall by the blade.

For Davion Callum, that blade is close by his side. All he wants is to uncover the identity of his parents, but instead he finds himself at the helm of Lord Fabian Rommel's epic scheme to conquer Havan and the neighboring kingdom of Sunbury...

Galactic Mandate (new release)


A young clone starts a journey that will take him to the far reaches of the galaxy. He must choose between what is best for his oppressed clone brethren and the greater good while he meets dangerous villains and reluctant heroes along the way...

The Ritual


A devastating plague is sweeping the continent of Greater Virren...

Its origin is unknown, its dominance of the land near complete. In times of grim desperation, pestilence has given way to superstition, and the citizenry are now more divided than ever. Yet the city of Rothenberg remains inexplicably untouched...

Phoenix Descending


Who must she become in order to survive?

Since the outbreak of the phoenix fever in Drothidia, Tori Kagari has already lost one family member to the fatal disease. Now, with the fever threatening to wipe out her entire family, she must go against everything she believes in order to save them—even if that means making a deal with the enemy.

Curse Breaker: Sundered


Be careful what you promise. Oaths can kill.

Magic might be stronger when it's broken, but the promises Sarn forged with them are even stronger. Two conflicting promises bind Sarn. He must satisfy them both even though a monster’s chasing him and an evil entity keeps trying to take his soul...



Mystery. Magic. Mayhem.

Long ago, a devastating event changed the world to what it is today. At a perfect, precise moment in time, an epic battle will be fought and a human whose characteristics match no other will arrive to make things "right". The question for all involved is: Will it be "right" for whom? A frightening future is on the horizon, not just for one man and his family, but for countless innocents...

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