Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Rogues of Bindar, Dec SFF

Merry xmas, happy holidays. A little comic relief this holiday season. ho, ho, ho. Enjoy the new releases and giveaways!

Rogues of Bindar


An unlikely hero becomes prey to rebel magician who would bring down the order of Mismerion magicians...

Booktrack FREE read (Book 1, Wolf's-head: The Yard) with movie style soundtrack here.
Kindle (Box set 99c) here.


Don't hate the player, hate the game.

When a massive glitch crashes the synthetic reality game, Life: Online, newbie player Kitty and her boyfriend, William, are trapped inside the MMORPG...

Echoes of Guardians (new release)


Something is out there. It wants to destroy us all.

The Commonwealth government refuses to acknowledge it. Propaganda and lies fill the media, dispelling all rumors of the invasion. Anyone who dares reveal the truth finds themselves in prison. Their minds erased by Entrents -- genetically engineered telepaths. There are no heroes here. Only people and aliens trying to survive. This is not a story about the end. We are only at the beginning...

Sourcewell Academy: The Omenborn (new release)


Magic is dying. But there is a prophecy…

15-year-old Ellie doesn’t know about any prophecy. Or magic, for that matter. Life with her scheming guardian in Brooklyn has been anything but magical...

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