Wednesday, 9 January 2019

The Timelost + more SFF

New fiction and a ton of giveaways. Enjoy the new releases!

The Timelost
When a simple recon mission goes bad, Lieutenant Miko Almstran finds himself the victim of an alien heist. Fused with an alien lifeform, he gains mutant powers after being thrust into the bleak future by a warp drive accident...

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A revolutionary quantum teleportation device promises to bring humanity one step closer to the stars.

Until it fails. Spectacularly.

Archaeologist Eliana Fisk is ripped from Earth while the whole world watches....

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Mindspace Infiltration (new release)

Captain Kira Elsar, a telepath in the Tararian Guard, goes undercover to gather information about illegal nanotech research. She is soon torn between her home planet and her loyalties to the military as she struggles to prevent a stellar civil war...

Shadows and Sorcery (new release)
Danger and dungeons, swords and spells, sins and savories, and a dash of perilous ambitions await…

23 of today's bestselling authors have joined forces to bring you some of the best DARK PARANORMAL and URBAN FANTASY in the genre... 

Independence : Two Democracies

In the aftermath of a battle a ship drifts helplessly in space. Is the strange new warship they were fighting still out there? Will it come back for them? Commander Johnson faces a desperate race to get her destroyer back into action and save her crew...

The Cornelius Saga Series (new release)

Mira and her daughter Rosie Cullen share an amazing gift some people may love to have and others quietly thank their lucky stars that they don't. Once you meet the Cullens, however, you'd want to go on every thrilling adventure they will ever have...

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